printing problem alpha 23

Rui Claro ruiclaro at
Thu Apr 3 17:21:45 GMT 2003

>> After upgrading from alpha22 to alpha23, I immediately started having
>> printing problems. After looking to the logs, I was able to find that
>> something definitely changed. Maybe some files moved to another place?

>Try current CVS, plus this patch (which I've not committed, because the
>only place I can test printing is my production env, and I've not yet
>got a chance to do testing there).

>This patch fixes a double-free(), because SAFE_FREE() doesn't help if
>you don't get passed a pointer to the malloc()ed pointer.

But the problem is I used the binary rpm to RH 7.3. It must have changed the
location of some files...

Will this info help to find out what's wrong?


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