Changing drivers on spoolss printers

Mike Brodbelt m.brodbelt at
Thu Apr 3 10:31:43 GMT 2003


I have a server running Samba 2.2.8 with spoolss printing enabled. I'm
attempting to change the installed driver for some of the printers, and
it's failing. Example:-

HP 4000N Printer with installed PCL driver. I try to change this to the
HP provided PostScript driver, by going to the "printers" folder on the
samba server from a windows client, then selecting "properties/new
driver". After browsing to the directory containing the driver, the
system copies the new driver files to the PRINT$ share on the server,
and then produces the following error:-

"Unable to change to the specified driver, original settings will be

This has happened for several different printers on this server that
I've tried, and with two different models of printer (i.e. different
drivers). There's a knowledgebase article about this problem in NT at;en-us;Q234530
but I've no idea whether that is in any way useful in understanding
what's happening on the Samba side of things.

Any ideas would be appreciated...


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