hide files problem

MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1) don_mccall at hp.com
Wed Apr 2 22:18:14 GMT 2003

I guess I'm not getting you.
There are 3 parameters you can use:
hide files will allow you to specify a mask of filenames that you want
treated as 'hidden' files (hidden as in like the dos hidden attribute).
hide dot files will allow you to forget the mask, and just treat as 'hidden'
any file that starts with a "."  (which sounds like what you want for
veto files is a STRONGer method, whereby the files are excluded from any
to any smb request for a list of files from that share.  Which means that
not only are they
not visible, but not accessible.

The first two methods can be defeated by the user by setting the 'show
hidden files' box
in the windows explorer.
The third method canNOT be defeated by the user, but it also makes the
unaccessible (in your case NOT desired).

Bottom line is, you can't DO what you want to do.  Not without modifying
each client to remove
it's ability to check the 'show hidden files' box for windows explorer.
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> Hello don,
> > IF you want to make sure that the user cannot get to these 
> files AT =
> > ALL, then check out the 'veto files' option instead.
> from man 5 smb.conf:
> This is a list of files and directories that are neither visible nor
> accessible. Each entry in the list must be separated by a '/', which
> allows spaces to be included in the entry. '*' and '?' can be used to
> specify multiple files or directories as in DOS wildcards.
> I was running configuration of hide* functions together with veto*
> and it is not working.
> ps. i want to hide .recycle folder in user $HOME directory.
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