net rpc info returns incorrect information for Mixed Mode ADS dom ains

Marc Kaplan MKaplan at
Tue Apr 1 19:31:08 GMT 2003

Hello list,

On a recent checkout of and compile of HEAD, I notice that net rpc info -S
IP does not show the correct number of Local and Global groups for Mixed
Mode ADS domains:

For a Mixed Mode ADS domain:
Domain Name: HERCULES
Domain SID: S-1-5-21-2719260386-3042169546-4001689493
Sequence number: 50997
Num users: 32
Num domain groups: 0
Num local groups: 14

In actuality, there are 7 users, 7 Domain Local Groups, 9 Builtin Local
Groups and 14 Global groups. So the output of the net rpc info command is
very wrong.

Here is a net rpc info against an NT4 domain:
[2003/04/01 11:18:30, 1] libsmb/cliconnect.c:cli_full_connection(1226)
  session request to failed (Called name not present)
Domain Name: MORIA
Domain SID: S-1-5-21-1613054590-870150751-2064540314
Sequence number: 12046
Num users: 105
Num domain groups: 209
Num local groups: 2

The number of users, domain groups, and local groups are all accurate here. 

This is easy to reproduce, just run net rpc info against a Mixed Mode ADS


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