Request - security patch for 2.0.6

Javid Abdul-AJAVID1 abduljavid at
Tue Apr 1 16:01:47 GMT 2003

what is the difficulty upgrading in your environment, just curios

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Subject: Request - security patch for 2.0.6

Is there a plan for a patch for 2.0.6 to address the security bug announced
If not, I am requesting such a patch, as upgrading to 2.2.8 will cause
difficulty in our environment.
(the "Take Ownership" overloading no longer works in 2.2.8, so emply ACE's
don';t show up in the permission dialog in NT)

The release notes for 2.2.8 says "As this is a security issue, patches for
this flaw specific to earlier
versions of Samba will be posted on the samba-technical at
mailing list as requested."

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