FW: encrypt passwords=no, security=yes, samba 2.2.8, W2K user aut h fails

MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1) don_mccall at hp.com
Tue Apr 1 15:44:46 GMT 2003

Hi Dave,
yeah, not pretty - should be fixed in the code.  Just looking for a
workaround that might be less undesireable than security = share!!!! (which
was one of the options he was looking at in a private message to me).
The point really is that we shouldn't even be LOOKING in the smbpasswd file
when we specify encrypt passwords = no.  But until we fix that, moving his
users (from whatever user store he is using, nis, etc/passwd, etc) into the
smbpasswd file, will avoid this particular windowsism.  And with encrypt
passwords = no, the smbpasswd is NOT being used for authentication, just
verification of user existence for the 'map to guest=bad user' case...
It's very convoluted code... not pretending to understand it all. (grin)
That's why I cc'ed the list on the original problem and a (possibly poor)
code diff change to fix it...  Hopefully someone will look at that and say -
well, HEY, that's dumb - lets fix it THIS way...


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> user aut h fails
>   That's highly undesirable, as it breaks single-signon 
> (unless you're an NT-cenric organization, which Sun isn't (:-))
> --dave
> |Hi Tony,
> |Another workaround would be to populate an smbpasswd file 
> with all the names
> |
> |from your /etc/passwd file.
> |But I realize this can be onerous.  Samba has a script to 
> help with this,
> |mksmbpasswd.sh
> |since you won't be needing passwords from this smbpasswd 
> file, this would do
> |it for you, I think....  if your distribution doesn't 
> install this script,
> |it
> |can be found in the source at 
> /usr/local/samba/source/script/mksmbpasswd.sh
> |
> |useage: 
> |
> |cat /etc/passwd|./mksmbpasswd.sh 
> >/usr/local/samba/var/private/smbpasswd
> |
> |Hope this helps
> |Don 

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