nmbd cldap patch

Jim McDonough jmcd at us.ibm.com
Mon Sep 30 17:23:00 GMT 2002

>Why is the GUID a secret? Can't it be a configuration file option? Really,
>it should be retrieved from the directory, but I appreciate that this is
>difficult with the existing SAMBA architecture.
It's not a secret.  Just a matter of programming convenience at the
prototype stage...it wasn't meant as the final solution.  It do think it
should be retrieved from the directory, at  join time (or genearted locally
and stored in the directory at join time).  I do believe it should kept
locally somehow to samba, because a server should be able to reply to a
negprot with its own GUID, and not have to go to the directory to retrieve
it then.  Not a big deal for a DC, but every member server should be
sending back its GUID if the extended security bit is on in the negprot
request, and it shouldn't have to go to the directory server.

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