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Dear All

I'm am very new to Linux and Samba, and have been going through the book
"SAMBA is 24 hours" , by Gerald Carter. I have found this book to be
extremely helpful and would highly recommend it to anyone exploring the
potentials of Samba.

My reason for writing is because I was using SAMBA with QNX , a unix
derivative, and found that whenever i clicked on the machine name, from my
windows 2000 explorer, i got

(Embedded image moved to file: pic28906.pcx)

I checked my smb.conf and all seemed ok. The above machine was visable with
95,98,NT4 but not 2000...until i stumbled on one user where it all worked

The answer lied in that he had upgraded to service pack 2. I subsequently
upgraded to SP2 on my 2000 laptop and this fixed the problem.

Kind regards

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