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Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Sun Sep 29 05:01:00 GMT 2002

Kris Van Hees wrote:
> I am working on adding @sys resolving code to Samba to support that meta-token
> in AFS, to handle retrieving files from AFS filespace through Samba while still
> being able to use the client system platform identifier rather than the one
> from the Samba server itself.
> The customer that is interested in this (and who supports submitting the patch
> to the Samba maintainers 100%) would like to hear some form of opinion from the
> Samba maintainers on whether they would be opposed to adding in such a patch or
> not (of course with the condition that the implementation has to be done in an
> way that is acceptable to the maintainers, etc...).

That would very much depend on what you are proposing.  This kind of
thing is quite difficult with encrypted passwords, and I am generally
opposed to adding this kind of thing to our plaintext code, unless it's
done *very* cleanly.  Hint:  Don't add more stuff to pass_check.c.

> Is anyone here willing to state whether you'd be open to possibly accepting a
> patch for this in Samba?  If so, only for the 3.x series (CVS version) or is it
> also possible for 2.x?

A patch submitted to us should be for 3.0 or HEAD, becouse we are trying
to rid ourselves of 2.2 maintainece.  

Also, the code in this area has changed a *lot* since 2.2.

> Thanks,
> Kris Van Hees
> PS: I also have the intention to later work on dealing with authentication and
>     permission issues against an AFS file space store that Samba serves from,
>     but that is currently way out of scope for this.

I honestly don't see how you will avoid this.  BTW, you should have a
look at the previous efforts in this area - there have been many.  
Sombody posted a list of patches to the list a while back.

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