AFS support

Kris Van Hees aedil at
Sat Sep 28 17:47:00 GMT 2002

I am working on adding @sys resolving code to Samba to support that meta-token
in AFS, to handle retrieving files from AFS filespace through Samba while still
being able to use the client system platform identifier rather than the one
from the Samba server itself.

The customer that is interested in this (and who supports submitting the patch
to the Samba maintainers 100%) would like to hear some form of opinion from the
Samba maintainers on whether they would be opposed to adding in such a patch or
not (of course with the condition that the implementation has to be done in an
way that is acceptable to the maintainers, etc...).

Is anyone here willing to state whether you'd be open to possibly accepting a
patch for this in Samba?  If so, only for the 3.x series (CVS version) or is it
also possible for 2.x?

Kris Van Hees

PS: I also have the intention to later work on dealing with authentication and
    permission issues against an AFS file space store that Samba serves from,
    but that is currently way out of scope for this.

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