Samba 3.0 and ldap setup?

Eddie Lania e.lania at
Fri Sep 27 19:12:00 GMT 2002

Hello everyone,

Following the discussions on this list, I am getting a little confused now.
Which configure string do I have to use when I want to setup Samba on a
RedHat 7.0 system with ldap?
What I have done so far is:

Downloaded samba from cvs.
,/configure --sbindir=/usr/local/samba/bin --with-logfilebase=/var/log/samba
3 --with-pam --with-krb5=/usr/kerberos --with-smbmount --with-acl-support
make install

So far so good. Everything up and running.
But when I add a new group to the ldap database by using the smb-ldaptools,
the new group is added properly but not useable in samba, it doesn't show up
anywhere and smbgroupedit doesn't display it either.

Please help!



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