Samba and SNAP

Irving Carrion debian at
Thu Sep 26 21:18:00 GMT 2002

We recently migrated our PDC away from Microsoft to SAMBA and have
nearly completed the migration except for 1 little annoyance.  Our SNAP
server is unable to view the users on the SAMBA PDC.  I have RTFM's,
googled for awhile, posted on the SAMBA-USERS mailing list, and I've
called quantum tech support with no luck.  Is there some type of config
I'm setting incorrectly or is Samba not compatible with SNAP servers?  
I'm willing to post any logs you may wish to get this problem resolved
(If at all possible).
Really appreciate any help!
Debian 3.0
ii  samba          2.2.3a-6       A LanManager like file and printer
server fo
ii  samba-common   2.2.3a-6       Samba common files used by both the
server a
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