Windbind and Samba, What do I do next?

Gareth Davies gdavies at
Thu Sep 26 13:29:01 GMT 2002

Hi all, I've had a long ride setting up SAMBA and Winbind, essentially what
I'm trying to do at the moment is transfer the file server from the Win2k
server to a Linux machine to east the strain and spread the network traffic
out over different switches.

I am using SAMBA 2.2.5 and Debian 3.0.

I have SAMBA working fine, I can browse the Public and Temp shares and write
to them from a Win2k machine.

I have Winbind working as far as I can tell, wbinfo -t gives an ok,
wbinfo -u returns users and same for -g. (Thanks to your help yesterday)

I have done getent passwd and getent group and all the users show up ok.

When I try and logout and log back into Xwindows with a Domain rather than
local user (they are all listed correctly in kdm DOMAIN+User), the login
always fails even when I know the password is correct.

I can browse my home directory, but only if I have a local user on the linux
machine that matches my network logon if I try from another logon without
the equivalent linux entry it doesn't work.

The domain authentication doesn't seem to working.

(security = domain is set).

How do I create and get home directories working and how do I set up shares
with group properties, e.g. only Managers are allowed access etc.

Config files and more available on request.


Shaolin - IT Systems
Willowbrook Ltd.

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