Samba and the Mount Command

Lloyd Lowe lloydl at
Thu Sep 26 10:36:14 GMT 2002

Hi All,

I would like to to  know how to, using rc.local in the /etc/rc.d 
directory, automate a smbmount with a specific username upon bootup.

In this case because I can't find any examples and I am not a very 
strong linux user, I have posted all the relevant info.

The server name is ITV_SERVER and has been added to the "hosts" file. 
The IP address for this Server is and this server is an 
NT4.0 Server (PDC).
The shares are as follows : APPS, DATA, CLIENTS, DOCUMENTS, SCRATCH, PDFS,

I would like to use the mount command with the following username and 

Username : root
password : athens

I would like to use mount to mount the APPS, DATA and SCRATCH.

How would I go about accomplishing this ?


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