Running smbd and nmbd using daemontools!!

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Wed Sep 25 20:28:00 GMT 2002

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> > Hi everybody,,
> >
> > I want to run samba using the combination of daemontools and
> > ucspi-tcp and not inetd..i.e, what i intend to do is to run smbd and
> > nmbd using tcpserver but the problem is with nmbd as tcpserver, as
> > the name suggests supports only TCP and not UDP...So is there
> > anything that can be done.
> > Animesh
> Depending on what clients you have, i'd not use a nmbd process at all.
> We've run some servers with smbd only, that seems to work fine on nt4/w2k clients.

But what i want to know is whether there is any way similar to that of
using nmbd by running something similar to tcpserver....


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