Interesting question about Status codes ...

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at
Wed Sep 25 19:12:01 GMT 2002


This question is prompted by a small problem by a certain blue-type 

The CIFS Load Gen code was being inconsistent and set the Error Code flag 
in Flags2 to DOS on the NegProt request, and then set it to NT Error codes 
on every SMB thereafter.

The vendor in question was using the saved value from the NegProt in 
generating status values but setting the NT Status flag in flags2 on 
responses. That is, they were saying it was an NT Status code but actually 
inserting a DOS code.

My assertion is that implementors should be paying attention to the value 
of the flag in the most recent request or response they received. Ie, 
servers should look at the most recent request when deciding what to 
return and clients should look at the most recent response, not what the 
think it should be.

Any thoughts.

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