Using winbind with Wine

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Tue Sep 24 22:56:01 GMT 2002

Martin Wilck wrote:
> Hello,
> There has been a discussion on wine-devel about using winbind
> for purposes like user authorization, retrieving user and group
> information, and more.
> It seemed reasonable to use PAM and NSS for the basic lookups and
> leave it to the sysadmin to configure these services to use winbind.
> Winbind offers some more functionality than that, though, such as
> SID lookups.
> Continuing along that line, it would be desirable to have a more generic
> interface than what winbindd currently offers - actually it would be
> nice to be able to access all RPC calls that samba supports through an
> interface like winbindd's.
> * Are there any plans by the Samba team to extend winbindd in this
> direction?
> * If no, would the Samba team accept patches from wine developers
> implementing such extensions to winbindd?
> * Does winbind support client requests (from the Unix side) where
> strings are in Unicode format, i.e. could wine pass Unicode strings from
> Windows applications to windbind directly?
> * If no, would it be possible to extend winbindd to support this without
> modifying the samba libraries?

Firstly, it's good to see that winbind is starting to get some interest
:-) I've been working closely with the squid folk on their integration
with winbind, and will certainly do what I can to help out Wine too.

Secondly, don't fall into the trap squid (with my encouragement I might
add...) fell into - don't use the winbind pipe directly.  The winbind
API is an internal Samba API, and can change without warning.

I'm not sure however on 'allow access to all RPCs' - what exactly are
you trying to do here?  Winbindd exists in its current form to provide
some NT services to unix, it's not really a general-purpose lib.  For
one, it doesn't have the user's security context etc.  As to unicode, I
have designated one call as being in utf8, to cope with external
interaction, so it's possible things can happen here.

However, we really need to know what you are trying to do...

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