Patch for winbindd memory leaks

jra at jra at
Mon Sep 23 19:06:00 GMT 2002

On Mon, Sep 23, 2002 at 03:14:34PM +0200, Kim R. Pedersen wrote:
> Hello Winbindd-Fans,
> During my port of winbindd to my company's new platform, I have come across 
> three memory leaks in winbindd.
> They are all related to misconfigured "password server" parameter, and 
> therefore not critical for "normal" environments.
> As I'm working on an Internet Appliance, they are however critical for me, and 
> perhaps for others doing "ever-running appliance" devices.
> Here we go:
> 1) A simple missing free(ip_list) in cm_get_dc_name() file winbindd_cm.c.
> 2) A wrong sequence of caching additions in cm_open_connection() file 
> winbindd_cm.c
> 3) A potential endless loop in init_domain_list() file winbindd_util.c that 
> never calls lp_talloc_free().
> I have attached the patches to winbindd_cm.c as the fixes are fairly simple 
> and obvious, but bug #3 is more problematic. One could simply add the missing 
> call to lp_talloc_free(), but I feel that there is something fundamentally 
> wrong with having this endless loop that doesn't take SIGHUP handling into 
> consideration or the fact that other non-domain related requests should be 
> serviced by winbindd.
> In my own version of winbindd I simply return an error from init_domain_list() 
> and return back to the main loop, so reconfiguration can take place.

I've applied the first 2 fixes to 2.2 and appliance-head - thanks a *lot* !

The third I don't think is a problem with the way winbindd is currently



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