More mods to net {set,get}localsid ...

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at
Mon Sep 23 15:39:01 GMT 2002


While Volker has written the command net {get,set}localsid, it would be 
nice if it could do the following:

  net getlocalsid name


  net setlocalsid name=SID

This is because these SIDs are stored in the tdb as:

  SECRETS/SID/<name> = SID

If you have changed the name of your server in the smb.conf, and then 
found out that your SID is different, you probably don't know what the 
old SID was.

If we had 'net getlocalsid name' you can get the old SID. Of course, you 
can dump the TDB and look for the record of type SECRETS/SID/<name> but 
the SID is in a binary format.

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