Sendfile in 2.2.6 pre seems to work under FreeBSD

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at
Sat Sep 21 21:20:01 GMT 2002


I have tidied up the sendfile support in Samba 2.2.x so that it now works 
for FreeBSD.

I like the way that Jeremy has done it, as it is very easy to deal with.

The code works, and in a test of reading 50MB files (from cache), 
performance went from 114MB/s without sendfile to 144MB/s with sendfile. 
This test was done over the loopback device on a 2GHz P4 with 2GB of 
memory, so there were several copies of the data anyway. It will be 
interesting to see a test using multiple GigE adapters and a similarly 
fast driver machine. 
I have also implemented recvfile under FreeBSD, and see a similar or 
perhaps larger increment in peformance when writing files (to the memory 
file system) as well.

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