Permissions behavior with acl and solaris

Gerald Carter jerry at
Fri Sep 20 15:05:00 GMT 2002

On Fri, 20 Sep 2002, Guy Roussin wrote:

> Under win2k, if a user create a file in this share, it has well the unix
> permissions 0600 and the correct correspondence under win2k (no
> permission for the group and everyone). All is well.
> So now, if the user modifies the file with gvim.exe for example. I note
> that the permission are deeply modified.  I can see now that the user
> "root" (???) is present twice:  once with no permission and once with
> read and write permissions !

One is a user and the other is a group.

> lct5{root}[/home5]: getfacl n600.txt
> # file: n600.txt
> # owner: guy
> # group: lct
> user::rw-
> user:root:rw-           #effective:rw-
> group::---              #effective:---
> group:root:---          #effective:---
> mask:rwx
> other:---
> How to avoid this behavior ?  In a general way i don't understand well
> the equivalence of the permissions managed by samba between Win2k and
> Unix (with or without support acl).  Where can i found information above
> it ?

Source code is really the only place, but you might want to check under 
the slides section of (under Documentation).  Jeremy did 
a talk on Samba ACLs last year at the CIFS conference and I think I 
uploaded the slides in PS format.

cheers, jerry

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