unknown RPC opcodes during join+logon

Vijay Kota vijay at spinnakernet.com
Thu Sep 19 15:57:00 GMT 2002

That would seem like the logical interpretation but Microsoft works in
mysterious ways :-)

Btw, I tried 0x6B because I saw it consistently in traces between my
Win2K clients and Win2K PDC (to see it, netbios name should have an even
length) Not sure if this is just because of some configuration issue
though - which is why I was hoping you could cross-check for me ;-)

- Vijay

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>>Strangely though, if I don't align after the challenge and push a
>>0x006B006B (or 0x0000006B) before the neg_flags (= 0x0007FFFF), I
>>get it to work. I am not claiming that the preceding statement was
>>logical :-)) but it would be great if someone could verify it and at
>>least disprove it.

Isn't that just analagous to presenting different negotiation flags, 
assuming the IDL code on NT ignores the trailing data?

-- Luke

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