Slow transfers from Win2K to Linux, but fast from Linux to Wi n2K

Boyce, Nick nick.boyce at
Wed Sep 18 18:11:53 GMT 2002

Jordan Mack asked :

> over 6MB/s from the Linux server to my Win2K machine, but when 
> sending a file from Win2K to Linux I'll be very lucky to get 2MB/s. 
> FTP transfers work great both ways at about 8MB/s.
> I've seen a few list entries about this, but I couldn't find one that 
> found a solution. Anyone know what's going on with this?

I'll just _help_ you pace up and down anxiously ....   :)

We get the same problem in respect of Win98/NT4/Ghost clients and Samba
2.0.7 running on Digital Unix.  I too have searched and found other folks
reporting very similar symptoms for various platform combinations.

I guess it's below the radar, relative to the other stuff developers have on
their plates.

Have you tried setting "write raw = no" (see my posting at

[BTW: I'm starting to see a pattern : everyone with this problem appears to
be talking about 10Mbit LAN speeds - nobody mentions 100Mbit speeds (e.g. 60
Mb/s down versus 15 Mb/s up) ... must stop watching the X-files :)]

Nick Boyce
EDS Southwest Solution Centre, Bristol, UK

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