Patch for Samba 2.2 -- fixes NIS auto.home problem

Jon. Hallett jjh at
Wed Sep 18 13:21:01 GMT 2002


Attached is a patch for SAMBA_2_2 that fixes a problem that I think 
appeared in Samba 2.2.2.

The problem is with the user home directory existence check in the 
lp_add_home function in param/loadparm.c, and it stops users without proper 
passwd entries from be able to connect to Samba.

(The background to this is that our Samba servers only have stub passwd 
entries for non-administrators. As a result, the home directory existence 
check will always fail, despite the fact that our configuration later 
assigns each user a valid directory using "path = %p" and the NIS auto.home 

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