question about nis+ support

Baris Sertkaya baris at
Sun Sep 15 12:26:01 GMT 2002


	I am trying to make a PDC get home directory paths from an nis+ table.
	I compiled samba with --with-nisplussam, --with-nisplus-home and
	--with-automount options.

	In the smb.conf, I enabled 'nis homedir' parameter and set
	'homedir map' to the nis+ table where the home directory paths
	are kept in "username server:/some/file/system" format.

	When I try to access a home directory on the samba server with
	smbclient, I get the error message:

	tree connect failed: ERRDOS - ERRnosuchshare (You specified an 
	invalid share name)

	and in the log.smbd file:
	couldn't find service baris
	(baris is the username for which I am trying to accesss home dir).

	I think it can not get the path from the nis+ table.On the nis+ server
	I ran snoop to listen to the traffic, but it seems that my PDC samba 
	server does not even ask for the nis+ table in which the home directory 
	paths are kept.

	I would be very grateful if somebody could explain where I am doing
	wrong or send the correct settings of smb.conf for nisplus home

	thanx in advance

	Baris Sertkaya
	Sys. Admin
	Department of Computer Engineering,
	Middle East Technical University, TURKEY.

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