Baseline build project progress.

Max TenEyck Woodbury mtew at
Sat Sep 14 14:13:00 GMT 2002

OK, I know responding to your own posts in a mailing list is impolite,
and top posting is impolite, and sending replies to the individual as well
as the list is considered impolite on some lists, but I'm not getting a 
response from Andrew and I really need one...

Max TenEyck Woodbury wrote:
> "Gerald (Jerry) Carter" wrote:
> >
> > On Tue, 3 Sep 2002, Max TenEyck Woodbury wrote:
> >
> >> Once I've got the process down pat, I'd like to make a few changes in
> >> the packaging for Red Hat linux distributions. I intend to make the
> >> packages generated one-for-one replacements for the original Red Hat
> >> packages. With the understanding that I'll be doing the work, does
> >> anybody have violent objections with my continuing with this project?
> >
> > I know we started this conversation, but did we finish it?
> >
> > cheers, jerry
> I don't think we did. I believe the ball is still in my court awaiting
> specific suggestions from me. My specific plans at this point are:
> 1) Do a build on a virgin RH 7.2 system to identify which additional packages
>    need to be installed. I've sent a message to Andrew Bartlett but he may
>    or may not have gotten the message or his messages may not have gotten back
>    to me. I've been having a little trouble with mail connectivity. My old
>    address at still works but may go away shortly (i.e. in the
>    next month or so) but I'm still getting used to my connection.
>    (I've misspelled it asdl too many times for me to count.)
> 2) Install the extra packages and use that information to update the
>    'build-requires' section of the extant .spec files.
> 3) Grab the 'rawhide' source kit from Red Hat, install that temporarily and
>    identify the differences between it and the corresponding kit from
> 4) Build a .spec file and patches that are specific for Red Hat distributions
>    and submit them to the Team for discussion.
> Meanwhile, I've been putting up a few more machines under VMWare to do builds
> for other distributions starting with a fully patched 7.2 system. I expect that
> I'll add a virgin 7.3 and a patched 7.3 system next. I'll need to set up the
> system so I can continue to use it for normal work and still do the builds in
> the background.
> So I need something from Andrew to establish two way communication. I'll
> probably need a bit of help to get this going right.
> max at

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