Custom named pipes

Gerry Jacobs gerryjacobs at
Fri Sep 13 22:09:01 GMT 2002

>Someone at IBM has almost finished the "loadable named pipes" code,
>they told us about it at the CIFS conference. We're just waiting for
>the code to be released.
Doh!! I digged the whole day in the source and got it working.
I was able to send some data from my WinBox to the samba server over a named
pipe. However, I have to test and tune it better.
What are these "loadable named pipes"? Will this be a library with named-pipe-
functions in it? Or how should I see it?

Btw I think I found a bug in the reply_pipe_write_and_X in smbd/pipes.c.
I suppose that this function is only used for reading pure data from named
pipes. But in this function you do a reply (write_to_pipe).
When I sent a large string (> RPC_HEADER_LEN), I ran into trouble.
The string was somewhere parsed in smaller parts. Each part was checked for
a correct RPC header.
But I was sending pure data without any headers and this was causing some
errors. Anyway, I changed the following 2 lines in that function:

   // nrwritten=write_to_pipe(p,data,numtowrite);

With these changes, I was able to send 10K with no problems.
But as I said, I don't know if this function is used for some other
SMB functions.


Gerry Jacobs

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