msdfs referrals at share-level

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ok. we basically have a samba dfs-server that will send correct
msdfs-referrals while only shares were requested. the client receives
the links to the storage path and follows transparently.
this proves that redirection at the share-level works for us (and a

but there's still some work to act as full "smb-proxy"...


On Thu, Sep 05, 2002 at 09:50:51AM -0700, Shirish Kalele wrote:
> Hi,
> Clients do request dfs referrals for every share they connect to. In a dfs
> reply for a share, you could try and send a different sharename and see what
> happens. I don't know if clients will be able to handle this. Look for
> self_referral in the setup_dfs_referral() code to find out where to start
> making changes.
> Let me know how the clients take it..
> Thanks,
> Shirish
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> hello everybody,
> as far as i have looked into msdfs.c it seems to be impossible to send
> a client a dfs-referral at the share level (\\fileserver\msdfs-link).
> maybe there is another way to "proxy" a request to \\samba\thisshare to
> \\anothersamba\thatshare ?
> i currently want to migrate a couple of nt-servers transparently for
> clients. the basic idea is to setup one samba-server that offers faked
> file-service via netbios-aliases and dfs-redirects to the real
> samba-fileserver. unfortunatly touching the clients is a no-go.
> old setup with *nt*:
>  client -> //fileserver/share1
> planned setup with *samba*:
>  client -> //fileserver/share1  where share1 -> msdfs:samba-file\whatever
> any help is much appreciated.
> bye,
> guenther

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