Custom named pipes

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Fri Sep 13 10:55:00 GMT 2002


I'm trying to create a linux application which creates a named pipe on which
windows machine should connect to.
I checked out the smbd/nttrans.c and noticed that a static known_nt_pipes
is used.
This array contains all the pipe names which are created by the samba server.
Is it possible to add a dynamic array in which you can add custom made pipes
(eg. via smb.conf)?
I can hack the code for myself. But I can hardly believe that I'm the only
who need this.
The smbd process should then write the incoming data from a 'Windows Named
Pipe' to a 'Unix Named Pipe' or keep it somewhere in a buffer file, which
should be read out by a ReadNamedPipe api. This ReadNamedPipe api should
located in the libsmbclient library.


am I moving too fast and is there already somewhere in the samba code an
which can be called from an external program to create a (server) named pipe?


Gerry Jacobs

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