Local execution of scripts upon domain logon and logoff

c.maxwell at a-r-m.com.au c.maxwell at a-r-m.com.au
Fri Sep 13 02:05:01 GMT 2002

I would like to have server-side logon and logoff scripts to do things 
like clean up home directories and perform various share (un)mounts and 
fold linking etc.

I don't know a whole lot about C programming, but I understand the 
basics and really want to get this working.

How would I go about putting this functionality in?

I have the source for 2.2.5 and have modified param.c to have two new 
global parameters, szLogonPreExec and szLogonPostExec.

I want to specify a script to be run in smb.conf with substitutions, 
like normal RootPreExec and RootPostExec, and I would like them to be 
called upon domain logon and logoff respectively.

Where do I find the code for processing logons and logoffs?

I am still searching the code as I am writing this, but any help would 
be appreciated!


Cameron Maxwell

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