Bug in cli_samr_get_dom_pwinfo with Win2k server?

Paul Douglas paul_douglas at netilla.com
Tue Sep 10 14:21:01 GMT 2002


I would like to change a user's password using SamrChangePasswordUser. 
It looks as
if I will have to implement this function, but the prequiste call 
SamGetDomainPasswordInformation is already implemented
in cli_samr_get_dom_pwinfo.

I added the call to cli_samr_get_dom_pwinfo in my code:

/result = cli_samr_get_dom_pwinfo(cli, mem_ctx, 0,0,0);
and I get the following error:

*prs_mem_get: reading data of size 4 would overrun buffer.*

 From the ethereal trace it looks as if the payload of the DCE portion 
of the packet

00 00 00 00   00 00 00 00   00 00 00 00

while the code
typedef struct r_samr_get_dom_pwinfo
        * Previously this was 3 uint16's.  However, after some tests
        * it appears that the data len for the signing needs to be 16.
        * Not sure how 3 unit16's ever worked since the length always
        * turned out to 12.  3 uint32's + NT_STATUS == 16 bytes.  Tested
        * using NT and 2k.  --jerry
      *  uint32 unk_0;
       uint32 unk_1;
       uint32 unk_2;
   NTSTATUS status;*


is expecting 4 bytes more. 
It looks like this is a bug..
I can send the ethereal traces if you like.

One easy solution would be to comment out one of the fields, but I don't 
want to break
anything else.  Could you please review and suggest a soultion?
Also is there any plan to add the SamrChangePasswordUser before I go 
ahead and do


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