Samba 3.0a19 breaks winbind helpers?

Henrik Nordstrom hno at
Tue Sep 10 11:30:00 GMT 2002

Chemolli Francesco (USI) wrote:

> I think a stream interface is needed for performance reasons.

Among other.. using NTLMSSP in a "packet" mode would be troublesome due to the 
statefulness of the challenge/response...

> Since I agree that a command-line mode is needed too, I suggest
> using a wrapper to emulate that.

I don't see how you would run NTLMSSP in a command line mode in a sane manner 
without having to at least partially understand NTLMSSP, and it would make 
life uneccesarily complicated for the helper.

Raw NTLM is another question, and is best suited as a command line mode 
interface. As Andrew I do not forsee many applications needing a stream mode 
raw NTLM interface..


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