lp_sam_backends() syntax

Kai Krueger kai at kruegernetz.de
Sat Sep 7 21:49:00 GMT 2002

> Hi Kai, Metze, Andrew,
> Would this work as syntax for lp_sam_backends() ?
> When there's only one backend specified
> sam backends = backend:options

this should work

> otherwise:
> sam backends = backend1:options|domain_name1 \
> backend2:options|domain_name2

I'm against haveing domain_name as the last part of the string, because if
domain_name it is the last part with a '|' seperator, then there may not be
a '|' in the string before. This causes a restriction on options I don't
like. The other posibility to use the last '|' in the string is imho not
nice either, as this would mean, you can't obmit the domain name anymore as
soon as there is a | in the options string.
This would cause a dependency of the syntax of sam backend on the options
stirng, which is imho confusing


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