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Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Fri Sep 6 13:41:00 GMT 2002

Rafal Szczesniak wrote:
> This is a patch consisting of various fixes. Short list
> includes:
>  - using user_info.client_domain structure (from user supplied auth info)
>    instead of user_info.domain

This just is not correct.  Current behaviour is by design

>  - new (and soon completely rewritten when generic cache comes
>    up) make_user_info_map function

I'll just wait for the final rewrite

>  - return type NTSTATUS instead of BOOL for make_user_info_map
>    make_user_info and make_user_info_for_reply_encI
>    (the rest of these routines should do the same, imho)

Thankyou, applied

>  - occasional segfault fix in local groups fetching code when
>    no uid to unix name can be found by winbind

Nice one.

>  - additional degug lines for soon-to-be-changed namecache

I'll apply this with the rest of your cache changes

>  - samr_r_enum_dom_users parsing fix

I would like an explaination on this one

>  - a bit more aesthetics for 'net rpc trustdom list'


> Some changes are quite radical, so I expect criticism, especially
> from some of the Team members ;-)

Who me? ;-)

> Part of this patch is a draft rather than completed proposition
> and as such, much of the code may yet be changed.

The 'easy' bits have been commited - the rest need a bit of work, or at
least a bit more explaination.

Andrew Bartlett

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