GSSAPI Kerberos mechanism

Luke Howard lukeh at PADL.COM
Fri Sep 6 05:33:00 GMT 2002

>I think that this document is close to defining the format of KRB5 
>requests in GSSAPI/SPNEGO

Alternatively, see "The Kerberos Version 5 GSS-API Mechanism", 
RFC 1964. There may be a WG update somewhere...

-- Luke

1.1. Context Establishment Tokens

   Per RFC-1508, Appendix B, the initial context establishment token
   will be enclosed within framing as follows:

   InitialContextToken ::=
           thisMech        MechType 
                   -- MechType is OBJECT IDENTIFIER
                   -- representing "Kerberos V5"
           innerContextToken ANY DEFINED BY thisMech
                   -- contents mechanism-specific;
                   -- ASN.1 usage within innerContextToken
                   -- is not required
   The innerContextToken of the initial context token will consist of a
   Kerberos V5 KRB_AP_REQ message, preceded by a two-byte token-id
   (TOK_ID) field, which shall contain the value 01 00.
   The above GSS-API framing shall be applied to all tokens emitted by
   the Kerberos V5 GSS-API mechanism, including KRB_AP_REP, KRB_ERROR,
   context-deletion, and per-message tokens, not just to the initial
   token in a context establishment sequence.  While not required by
   RFC-1508, this enables implementations to perform enhanced error-
   checking. The innerContextToken field of context establishment tokens
   for the Kerberos V5 GSS-API mechanism will contain a Kerberos message
   (KRB_AP_REQ, KRB_AP_REP or KRB_ERROR), preceded by a 2-byte TOK_ID
   field containing 01 00 for KRB_AP_REQ messages, 02 00 for KRB_AP_REP
   messages and 03 00 for KRB_ERROR messages.

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