Samba bug with OS/2 EAs and FindFirst bug

Steven French sfrench at
Thu Sep 5 17:59:00 GMT 2002

The second fix (for checking "must have" search attributes on
FindFirst/FindNext) worked (fixing opening files) but our testers found a
third and I hope final major interoperability problem with OS/2 to Samba
that shows up e.g. in Lotus 123 and a few other apps saving files with new
names ("Save As" dialog).     It looks like Windows servers (this works
from OS/2 to Windows) and Samba servers differ in how they treat impicit
wildcards.   Comparing traces between the Windows and Samba cases shows up
immediate differences in how Trans2FindFirst of a directory (e.g. "\") is
handled.    With search attributes of 0, and a target of "\", Windows
returns all of the files (but not directories) in the root directory -
Samba 2.2.5 returned file not found.

I will do some experiments to see if this is the only issue.

Steve French
Senior Software Engineer
Linux Technology Center - IBM Austin
phone: 512-838-2294
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