[Samba] libsmbclient.h (fwd)

sharath reddy sharathreddy at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 4 06:53:00 GMT 2002

Hi Jean,

I do not have the authoritative answer to your
question, but faced the same issue. I wrestled with
the problem for a while, and ended up including the
"includes.h" file. However, since it includes several
other header files, my Makefile looked something like

gcc -I/samba/source/include -I/usr/kerberos/include
-I/samba/source/ubiqx -I/samba/source
-I/samba/source/smbwrapper test.c

Messy, but it worked. 

When I built libsmbclient.so and attempted to link a
program against it, though, I got the 
following errors:

undefined reference to 'get_nt_error_msg'
undefined reference to 'cli_send_keepalive'

I 'fixed' the first error by deleting the single line
of code in libsmbclient.c that 
referred to 'get_nt_error_msg :-) 

DEBUG(3, ("smbc_errno %s -> %d\n",
get_nt_error_msg(status), ret));

I figured that it was only a log message anyway, so no
harm done.

The second error can be fixed by applying this patch:


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> Subject: [Samba] libsmbclient.h
> Hi,
> I try to use libsmbclient from HEAD (samba 3.0).
> I'm unable to use it...
> There is depdendencies problem in header files. Is
> it normal that a lot 
> of headers from samba/source/include are needed to
> include 
> libsmbclient.h ? Mainly "struct cli_state" and BOOL
> typedef.
> Thanks for any help on making it working.
> -jec
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