recycle.c (was block.c)

Juergen Hasch Hasch at
Tue Sep 3 19:03:00 GMT 2002

Am Montag, 2. September 2002 20:56 schrieb Alexander Bokovoy:
> > I've updated the recycle bin to use the parametrical options inside
> > smb.conf. I think you told me at the SambaXP conference how to find out,
> > if the service is derived from [homes]. Could you tell me again ?
> I promized tridge to fix this but haven't done it yet. Expect this in a
> middle of September. :(
> > I need to find this out or the parametrical options won't work for
> > [homes].
> Metze did something to fix this by specifying user names as shares. This
> is a hack and I must complete parametrical options instead.

For now I'm using my old patch for loadparam.c and these lines in 

	if (lp_home_service(SNUM(conn)) == True )
		servicename = lp_homes_name();
		servicename = lp_servicename(SNUM(conn));
Btw. what was the reason for removing libtool ?
Building VFS modules for AIX and Solaris is broken now and Linux VFS modules 
are 10 times the size they were before.

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