Baseline build project progress.

Max TenEyck Woodbury mtew at
Tue Sep 3 18:29:01 GMT 2002

Some time ago I started a project to establish known baseline build 
environments that would make the binary distributions a bit more of a 
known quantity.

Originally I planned to use chroot as the basic tool for establishing
the baselines. The problem became complicated when I found I needed to
track all the dependencies between various packages.

I've found a simpler solution - VMWare. I can set up a bunch of virtual
machines with known baseline environments to do the builds. Over the
next couple weeks I'll be trying a couple of test builds using the standard
build procedure available from your web site.

Once I've got the process down pat, I'd like to make a few changes in the
packaging for Red Hat linux distributions. I intend to make the packages
generated one-for-one replacements for the original Red Hat packages.
With the understanding that I'll be doing the work, does anybody have
violent objections with my continuing with this project?

max+sambatech at

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