Client side NTLMSSP now works between smbclient and smbd!

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at
Tue Sep 3 17:45:01 GMT 2002


OK, I just committed some stuf to do client-side NTLMSSP from smbclient to 

It works even. 

However, as always, you find other problems. The code is seriously broken 
when the server tries to negotiate RAW_NTLMSSP, which Win2K tries to do.

We will need to add a sec_type flag of some sort to distinguish between 
RAW_NTLMSSP (which we detect by the lack of a blob in the Negprot 
response, BCC==16), SPNEGO_NTLMSSP, SPNEGO_KRB5, etc.

Then we probably need to abstract out all the auth handling so it is easy 
to add the appropriate headers.

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