Fixed: OpLocks caused the corruptions/slowness (Was: How Samba let us down)

Jay Ts jay at
Thu Oct 31 21:43:00 GMT 2002

Chris de Vidal wrote:
> --- Claudia Moroder wrote:
> > This could be important because it looks like many
> > 'corruption' problems happern with foxpro files.
> And we are using foxpro files.. hmm.
> /dev/idal
> P.S. haven't gotten a chance to try turning oplocks on
> for bug testing; Management is scared of doing it.  It
> might not happen.

Since I was one of the people who was asking about it, I
just wanted to say that as far as I'm concerned, you are
off the hook. The ideal of submitting bug reports and
being part of the development process is very nice, but
the top priority has to be on what works in practice.
Just my opinion... from someone who's been around consulting
and has seen some really extreme, and also mission-critical
(i.e., insane *and* life supporting!) computing environments.

Jay Ts

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