Steven French sfrench at
Thu Oct 31 16:41:03 GMT 2002

>Scripts run just fine, but binaries give me:
>     "-bash: ./command: cannot
>execute binary file" along with "modprobe: modprobe:
>Can't locate module binfmt-464c" in syslog

Forgot to copy he list on my earlier response.

Interesting question, I run executable files from mounted drives frequently
and some of the connectathon test case does the same thing.   To get to the
cause of the problem - what does the mode display as (e.g. via "ls -l")
for that file remotely (ie. on the cifs mount point).   The next obvious
question is whether you have the unix extensions enabled in the smb.conf on
the samba server side (although you do not need that in order to accomplish
what you are doing, it changes what we would look for next).

Also, are you running the newer version of the code that I checked in a few
days ago (although what you describe is not a bug that I recognize) or the
earlier cifs-0.5.0.tar.gz?  See below info

       cvs -z5 -d :pserver:cvs at co cifsvfs        

The new version files extracted to cifsvfs/fs/cifs directory can be copied
directly over the existing files in your kernel tree in the same directory
(/usr/src/linux-2.4.19/fs/cifs or equivalent) and you should be able to
simply rebuild the kernel at that point.   If that does not work let me
know.   The alternative solution is to build the cifs vfs as a kernel
module rather than linking into the kernel statically.

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