Fixed: OpLocks caused the corruptions/slowness -- Understand "technology" not "products"

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at
Tue Oct 29 16:14:26 GMT 2002

Quoting Chris de Vidal <cdevidal at>:
> The challenge is it doesn't appear to be a problem
> with Samba but the clients.  Regardless, I feel the
> Samba documentation ought to be noted when/if we can
> reproduceably show it to be the client's fault, so
> others don't fall into the same trap.  If I'd have
> been warned, there is a chance we wouldn't have had
> the grief we did.

But you aren't warned with Windows servers either.  It's the responsibility of
the sysadmin to get familiar with the _technologies_** involved, _not_ just the
products**.  The SMB protocol is a moving target and a PITA atop of that
(although NFS and AFS have their PITA points too ;-).

There are endless options and configuration choices in Samba _because_ of
Microsoft and their SMB protocol.  It's a bitch to pick it all up, but that's
not the fault of the Samba team.  *BUT* there is plenty of "extra documentation"
 filesoutside of the already massive "smb.conf" man page that covers all this.

IN A NUTSHELL:  I recommend reading _most_ of all those extra documentation
files _regardless_ of whether or not you run Samba -- because their content is
100% applicable to even native Windows servers!

Understanding the _technology_**, SMB in this case, is the key to successful
sysadmin'ing.  Which is the #1 reason why I thank God for Open Source.  It puts
the focus back on the technology, so you can resolve issues the vendors don't
talk about but you _always_ run into.

-- Bryan "TheBS" Smith

**SIDE NOTE:  This is the #1 reason why I _dispise_ vendor certifications (even
though I just recently obtained several, but only to secure employment).  They
focus on "products" instead of "technologies."  E.g., understand X.500 and LDAP,
and you can understand Microsoft ActiveDirectory or Novell NDS fairly easily.

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