Win2K as domain member to a Samba-head PDC decides it can't load your profiles?

Nick nick at
Tue Oct 29 07:31:02 GMT 2002

I had no choice but to cold reset the computer once it started to hang. 
I would type in my user name and password, the loading your profile 
window would pop up and just hang forever (at least it seemed like 
forever). If the SID was confilicting I would not have even got to the 
point of loading the profile; would I have? Does Samba handle such 


Richard Sharpe wrote:

>On Tue, 29 Oct 2002, Nick Schuetz wrote:
>>Yes I have, this morning as a matter a fact. I don't know what caused it 
>>(maybe daylight savings). I fixed it by stopping then starting Samba 
>>(not restarting) the first time it happend. The second time it happened 
>>starting and stopping (not restarting) didn't work so I  unplugged 
>>(cutting off the power supply to) the client machine for 5 + seconds 
>>clearing memory and booted up into my profile just fine.
>Hmmm, this is interesting. If it happens again, it would be interesting if 
>you can grab a trace of the packets exchanged when you try to log on.
>I solved my problem by deleting my profiles up on the server, and then 
>logging off, which wrote a new (old) set of profiles, and the next time I 
>logged back on, everything seemed OK.
>I suspect that my problem was due to the SID of my Samba server changing 
>and not matching the SID stored in NTUSER.DAT, which controls access.
>Wish I had a tool that could read registry files under UNIX.
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