Winbind doesnt enumerate more than one group from an AD domain

Tim Potter tpot at
Sat Oct 26 07:01:01 GMT 2002

On Fri, Oct 25, 2002 at 11:09:11PM +0200, Simo Sorce wrote:

> > Domain local groups existed under Windows NT 4.0.  They were just 
> > available among DC's of the domain.  See my other post in response to JF.
> To my knowledge (derived from some doc on msdn) they are a different
> thing. local groups (same as NT) does exist in w2k and are different
> from domain local groups.
> I'm sorry I'm not able anymore to find the article on msdn :-(

Here's the article I found that explains the scoping rules for
domain local groups:;EN-US;Q259392&


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