Winbind doesnt enumerate more than one group from an AD domain

James Braid James.Braid at
Fri Oct 25 12:47:00 GMT 2002

Hi all,

I have been having some problems with winbind not seeing all the groups that users on my AD domain are in. Upon further investigation, it seems that winbind only enumerates one group. 

Doing a 'wbinfo -r $AD_USER' only shows one group (even if the AD user belongs to many groups, doesnt matter what type of AD groups they are either), but if I do a 'wbinfo -r $NT4_USER', winbind will show all the groups that the NT4 user is in, where $NT4_USER is a user on the NT4 domain and $AD_USER is a user on the AD domain.

The odd thing is, the users show up in the groups fine if I do 'getent group' for example.

I am running Debian unstable with Samba 2.999+3.0.alpha20-3.

Why am I posting here? I logged a bug, but I was advised to post here for stuff to do with Samba 3.0...

Any pointers or suggestions on how to debug this further and or fix it would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if more details are needed.

Thanks, James

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