How Samba let us down

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One way to check this would be to download Ethereal (a packet capturing
product endorsed and supported by many Samba users and developers), and
capture some traffic on the network. Ethereal is free, easy to use, has
Windows and Linux versions, and can be had from:

Capture traffic from a Windows client that is slow to browse, and see how
much of the network is being used by broadcasts.

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> It may be a pain to configure all those clients, but it's certainly
> worth it.  Take a look at Microsoft's documentation (in their resource
> kits) on how various Windows versions do name resolution, and you'll
> see what I mean.

I'll second this.  WINS is the only way to go once you get above twenty or
so machines on a subnet.  It makes browsing bearable again.

The college I used to go to had something like 400 machines, mostly windows
boxes, on a dorm network.  No WINS server.  At some point they determined
nearly half the network traffic was Windows name resolution broadcasts!
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