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Nuno Cardoso nuno.cardoso at
Tue Oct 22 09:09:01 GMT 2002

When I use "net send ..." command in windows to send a Winpopup message to other host, the SMB Command associate to this message is single block message (0xD0). To do this, it is only necessary sends one SMB "frame" to the other host.

When I use SMBClient (samba), the SMB Command associate is multi-block message (fist it is necessary sends the start comand 0xD5, then a text comand 0xD7 and finally the end 0xD6). To  do this, It is necessary sends 3 SMB "frames". 

Why SMBClient sends winpopup messages with multi-block message, and not single block message????
Where I use multi and where I use single message block???

Nuno Cardoso.  
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