Fwd: Pidfile creation bugfix

Kelledin kelledin at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Oct 20 23:29:00 GMT 2002

Minor bugfix in the pidfile creation function.  I figured I'd 
pass it on to you people as well...I hope this is the correct 
list.  I've been using it on an NT domain controller since May 
with no ill effects.

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Subject: Re: Speaking of Samba...
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 18:17:15 -0500
From: Kelledin <kelledin+BLFS at skarpsey.dyndns.org>
To: blfs-dev at linuxfromscratch.org

On Sunday 20 October 2002 06:07 pm, Dagmar d'Surreal wrote:
> Here's some points that should be corrected to make the samba
> build entirely FHS-compliant... attached is a diff against the
> CVS source from a few days ago.  It fixes FHS compliance, sets
> the new version to 2.2.6, as well as a couple of minor
> grammatical slips.  The HTTP URL is changed to one pointing
> directly to 2.2.6 in hopes that should someone be building a
> version so out of date that the specific versioned source of
> samba is gone, then it's a sign they should probably be
> updating their copy of BLFS to something less ancient as well.

While we're on the subject of samba, here's a small patch to
correct a pidfile creation bug.  smbd/nmbd are only supposed to
write a human-readable representation of their PIDs to their
pidfiles, but they tend to write a little bit of garbage to
their pidfiles as well.  This patch fixes the problem.

"If a server crashes in a server farm and no one pings it, does 
it still cost four figures to fix?"
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