Separating info out of the libsmbclient.h include file

Richard Sharpe root at
Sun Oct 20 11:30:00 GMT 2002

Hi Tom,

A problem has arrisen with libsmbclient in head, in that there is too much
info exposed in libsmbclient.h.

I want to split it into two files, one exposing only the stuff that
clients need, and the other containing internal stuff that libsmbclient
needs itself.

I have not had time over the last week or so, esp as I am travelling, to
consider the implications of this. The area that concerns me is the fact
that there is now a table of pointers in the smbc structure, and that
clients might need access to this table of pointers.

Do you have any suggestions?

rsharpe at,,
sharpe at, sharpe at

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